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MPSD enthralled locals with Parsi theatre


The students of Madhya Pradesh School of Drama (MPSD) gave a splendid performance of Parsi theatre before the theatre buffs of the city.

Parsi Rangmanch Ke Manzaron Ka Guldasta was a collage of four plays staged in Parsi theatre style. Directed by Zafar Sanjari and Ayaz Khan, the plays were beautifully performed by the students of batch 2018-19.

It is to be noted that the students were given a workshop of Pardi Theatre by Ayaz and Zafar. Both the experts talked about Parsi style in detail with the students and told them about the years old theatre style. After the workshop, the students performed whatever they learned in the workshop. The four plays Dilli Darbar, Sheerin Farhad, Laila Majmu and Silver King were beautifully staged at MPSD. Play Dilli Darbar was about the story of mughals. Besides, Shirin Farhad was the legandary love story of two people. Both of them loved each other only when destiny forced them to get apart. Laila Majnu began with characters dressed in colourful attire introducing the storyline. Lead characters Laila Majnu expressing their undying love for each other. The lead characters enter the stage by singing a song.

The family members came to know about their love and they tried to break their relationship. Both were departed and were forced to live without each other till death.

The artists depicted the story, the mood variations and emotions with perfect ease despite they had to deliver the dialogues poetically. Last Silver King was also performed beautifully.

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